John Karle, CFA
Partner & Chief Market Strategist
With an appreciation for the recurring rhythms of history, Mr. Karle evaluates market conditions, authors publications, and identifies investment opportunities in his role as Nautilus CEO and Chief Market Strategist. With two decades of experience as a market analyst, risk manager and head trader for hedge funds, Mr. Karle also translates Nautilus’ research themes into real-time ideas and actions. John works in close partnership with clients to customize solutions to match their needs with Nautilus’ proprietary research capabilities. Prior to Nautilus, Mr. Karle began his career at Deutsche Bank before joining Hellman, Jordan Management, and Mayo Capital Partners, two successful Boston-based hedge funds with assets in excess of $2 billion. John received his B.A. from Harvard in 1993 and his CFA designation in 1999. He is a CFA Institute member, a member of the Boston Security Analyst Society and co-founder of Nautilus Investment Research.


James Cutting, CMT
Partner & Macro Strategist
Mr. Cutting shares the responsibility for technical & macro insights for Nautilus’ research publications. Born and educated in London with 24 years of investment experience, James formed his unique market perspective as a macro trader specializing in foreign exchange and interest rates. Working for Morgan Stanley, Continental Bank and Swissvolks Bank, James was responsible for generating proprietary trading revenues, as well as communicating investment opportunities to global hedge fund and private client counterparties. Prior to co-founding Nautilus in 2004, James traded proprietarily in Chicago. Mr. Cutting is a Chartered Market Technician and a member of the CMT Association.


Xiao Wang
Partner & Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Wang shares the responsibility for technologies, including implementing IT strategies, managing computer systems and software development for Nautilus’ research process. Xiao received his B.E. in Software Engineering from Beijing University of Technology in Beijing and his M.S. in Computer Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Relying on his education in computer science with an emphasis in finance & mathematics, Xiao conducts quantitative analysis and custom client projects and is the primary architect of Nautilus’ software solutions.