Nautilus Investment Research partners with the world’s most sophisticated institutions to manage risk and identify opportunity in all types of market environments. With systematic processes, robust technology, historical perspective and independent insight, the Nautilus approach tunes out the crowd and discovers patterns that matter.
  • Independent: Unbiased free-thinkers, not afraid to go against the crowd
  • Experienced: Over 20 years on average in research & investment management with complementary backgrounds in economics, computer science and history
  • Idea Generation: Actionable investment ideas based on multiple points of quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Risk Management: Thorough assessment of the probabilities for prospective market and portfolio moves
  • Bespoke Research: Custom analysis and construction of studies, indicators, monitors and trading models
  • Survey the macro landscape
  • Systematically process vast amounts of market data to uncover patterns hidden in the noise
  • Measure the findings and weigh against historical precedents
  • Assemble the pieces through quantitative and qualitative interpretation
  • Make unique observations and actionable recommendations
  • Nautilus algorithms work to deliver the most relevant content based on your preferences and history
  • We provide only the information you want, whether your focus is broad or narrow
Market insights and commentary from
the Nautilus strategy team
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quantitative charting functions

Tune Out the Crowd and
Discover Patterns that Matter

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